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  • Paladog free version on android T store - 2011/ 8/ 8

  • 2012.06.26 17:26



Aug 5th, 2011, Paladog free version was launched on the android T store.

Now our users will have more chances to experience the fun factors of Paladog.


Please enjoy our game :)


(Paladog free version will soon be launched also on olleh market and OZ store.)

  • New FazeCat Logo - 2011/ 7/ 28

  • 2012.06.26 17:18



As the office moved from Sindorim to Guro Digital Valley in June, 2011, FazeCat launched a new logo.

 The launch of FazeCat new logo retains the signature of a blue colored silhouette of a fazed cat,

but now with a neat and efficient touch. Also the harmony between the image and pictogram is stunning.

FazeCat logo implies the goal of the Company - Making a high quality and fun game that can faze the users.

  • Have a quick look on Paladog! Ver 2.04 - 2011/ 7/ 12

  • 2012.06.26 17:08










  • Massive Update for Paladog! (Ver 2.03) - 2011/ 7/ 12

  • 2012.06.26 17:05
We FazeCat do know that you have been waiting updates for a long time!!
And guess what?
It is finally here! Yes, Finally!
Now let's have a look at what has been added.

Okay, There's many new things here...
The Max level is now 200,
which means more Paladog skills.
And I can also see a new mode and some more....
But what are those actually?
Then let's have a look!
If you have already cleared the 'Mind Forest',
You would have seen the new mode, 'Survival' opened.
If you haven't cleared Mind Forest yet,
You will see a message telling you the Survival Mode is opened when you clear it.
Have a glance of the Survival Mode.
The Zombies and Monsters will be come out endlessly.
How many waves can you survive?
Select you skill wisely to push yourself through the Top Rankings.
Ah! Another awesome feature!
Achievements is now added to Paladog!
You can also earn Gems by completing each Achievement.
You can use those gems to upgrade your items,
or to revive yourself during the Survival Mode.
The choice is up to you!
Now, once again,
Save Critterland and become the Hero!
Download at iTunes : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/paladog!/id415458476?mt=8Viewer

  • Paladog Version 1.03 - 2011/07/12

  • 2012.06.26 16:50

The Followings are updated in Paladog Version 1.03,

released on Mar 05, 2011

- Added a new [HELL] difficulty.

- Now you can play your own music while playing game.

- Fixed a bug when enemy units pass through the battlefield, they reappear from the enemy base.

- Fixed a crash when playing battlefield mode.

Link to App Store - http://itunes.apple.com/app/paladog/id415458476?mt=8#

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